Testing, testing… is this thing on?

I’ve been wanting to get into Unit Testing my WordPress projects for a long time now, but there’s a severe lack of documentation online for actually getting up and running with it. I’m in the very fortunate position, that if there’s something I don’t know about WordPress, there’s a good chance other people want to know it too! Then I get to pay someone to write about it, and everybody wins.

@TomMcFarlin has written two brilliant articles on this for me. One getting things set up, and two actually using the setup for plugin development. I started working on this, but thought I’d try it for theme development, and found the process might be a little different. Tom will be getting an article together on this soon :)

I think Unit Testing is extremely important for working on projects you’re going to be releasing, or if you work in a team. I mean, ideally we’d do it for every project, but writing tests take time and on a small personal project there may not even be enough code to warrant them. It’s a subject that doesn’t seem to be taught much though (unless you’re a Ruby / Ruby on Rails dev, in which case lucky you!).

I’m looking forward to getting more into testing. TDD just makes sense to me.